At a meeting on 26th January the Management Committee decided, due to the Young Bird training with the Federation Transporter running at a loss in 2018, the fee for 2019 would be increased to £15 per loft and training with the Transporter would only take place if there is sufficient support to make it viable. The decision whether or not to have the training will be made once the numbers are known.

The proposed schedule will be :-

Sat. 13th July High Hesket

Sun. 14th July Penrith

Sat 20th July Shap

Sun. 21st July Shap

The Race Controller will get weather forecasts the day before and decide whether the training will take place or be postponed.

Cost £15 per loft payable through Club Secretaries before end May. Only members who have paid by the end of May will be eligible to make use of the training programme. Secretaries to foreword collected money and copy of record sheet to Federation Secretary.

Birds will be collected by Transporter at each club, starting at Dalbeattie at 7-00am
Estimated time table to be:-

                                                                  Arrive                                      Depart
Dalbeattie H.C.                                    7-00am                                   7-15am
Nith Valley                                           7-45am                                    8-00am
Dumfries F.C.                                      8-10am                                    8-25am
Hoddam F.C/Lockerbie R.P.C.        9-15am                                    9-30am
Brydekirk H.C.                                    9-45am                                  10-00am
Annan H.C.                                         10-15am                                  10-30am
Eastriggs H.C.                                    10-45am                                  11-00am
Springfield H.C.                                 11-15am                                   11-30am

Transporter must leave each Club at designated time to ensure as early as possible liberation no late comes to be catered for.

Club Federation Delegate or Substitute to ensure only members who have signed up for Training Programme will be allowed to send birds.

All baskets to be filled to 25 birds per basket. Only baskets allocated to each club can be used with any excess birds put into any surplus space of clubs already loaded

Birds will be liberated at approximately 2-00pm

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