Stafford come back races

The President has asked me to contact all the club Secretaries with regard to the two Stafford come back races. It is anticipated that there will be a low entry for these races and we are asking all clubs to use only the baskets they require for their entry and to keep all the remaining baskets at their club rooms. For example if a club have an entry of 75 birds they would only require to use four panniers for the birds and keep their remaining allocation at home.
This will result in a reduced load and better fuel consumption and therefore reduced costs rather then haul empty basket up and down the road.
In view of the fact that we now have curtains on the transporter it means that spaces can be left on the transporter with out causing problems.
It is expected that there will only be a need for the bottom four rows on the transporter which gives a capacity of 1400 birds.
It has to be stressed that no club is being asked to over fill their panniers; but to use a little discretion and not to spread their entry over their full basket allocation.
Everyone’s co-operation in this matter will be appreciated.

Federation Secretary

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