Club Results

The Leading three Club Positions in Yesterday’s Stainmore Race

Congratulations to the Following Fanciers


N McCulloch & Son 1st,2nd,3rd  Vel 1229,1191,1183

Nith Valley

1st A Russell 1528  2nd A,R,Cumming 1520  3rd G Russell 1505

Dumfries FC

M Halliday 1st,2nd,3rd  vel 1566,1562,1540


1st D Robinson 1540  2nd K Thomson 1517  3rd K Thomson 1517


1st D Little 1544  2nd J Dalgliesh 1517  3rd D Little 1515


1st R & M Seaton 1524  2nd R & M Seaton  1519  3rd K Robinson  1513


1st D Anderson  1501  2nd A Nicholson 1493  3rd J Muir & Son Loft 1  1492


1st G Turnbull 1550  2nd G Turnbull 1550  3rd E Hodgson & Sons  1540


1st G Grant 1614  2nd M Hoffmann  1604  3rd  Mr & Mrs S Trodden  1586


1st W Irving 1394  2nd  A Henderson 1338  3rd  A Henderson 1296

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  1. That’s a great idea, putting the top three from each club, well done to the new federation secretary

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